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5 Signs Your New Sweetheart Could Be an Ex-Con

So, you think you’ve met The One? He replies to your texts, never flakes, looks into your eyes and makes you feel like a queen. Oh girl, hold your feelings! Don’t fall into the love trap just yet, first we need to make sure he is as honest, kind, and decent as he says he is. 

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Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime

In George Orwell’s 1984, there was a device called a telescreen. Every citizen had to own one. It was always on, 24 hours a day, unless you are among one of the privileged, elite party members who could shut if off briefly. The news and propaganda were continuously delivered through the telescreen, and it operated two ways. It was also a surveillance device, and you didn’t always know when you were being observed. For example, the main character, Winston Smith was engaging in a required daily calisthenics program when the instructor on the screen suddenly called him out and exhorted him to try harder to touch his toes. In 2018 we have a version of the fictional telescreen, which we watch, and it watches us back.

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How to Deter a Mugger?

Muggers are among the most desperate and violent of thieves. They are usually Addicts who have abandoned any previously held moral standards, and who badly want to get more drugs. They won’t or can’t work, have spent any savings, and nobody will loan them money. They have exhausted other options such as selling their belongings, or illegal options like selling their body, shoplifting, burglary, scams or con-jobs. There are many alternatives to get money other than direct and violent confrontation of a victim, so this is a last resort. The other option is a mugger is a thrill seeking, risk taking individual, eager for a power, control, domination encounter, and prefers to directly confront a victim, rather than doing it out of desperate necessity when other options have been exhausted. The third option is they are not intelligent enough to acquire money by other means, including illegal ones.

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How to Scare Away Burglars?

Burglars enter an unoccupied private or commercial property with the intent to steal items from the property. They may enter stealthily, or disregard noise discipline. They may be in and out in seconds, grabbing whatever they can get their hands on, or loiter on the property ransacking it for valuables. They may be amateurs seeking drugs, money for drugs, or items to sell or trade for drugs. They may be professionals, meaning their primary source of income is from burglaries. They seek high end electronics, original artwork, expensive jewelry, or other valuables, and have a fence or broker in stolen merchandise to move the items they steal. Some professional burglars will be seeking a specific item they have been commissioned to steal, or they will clean out a property, taking everything they can.

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13 Ways to Support Your Local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office

There is rampant stereotyping, discrimination, and prejudice in the United States directed at a certain group. This is a group of people who are perceived very badly by the media and the public. Some businesses have put up signs telling them they are unwelcome. Other places have refused to serve them. They are insulted and threatened, their families are victimized, and they are spit on, assaulted, and murdered by those who hate them. They are blamed for all of society’s wrongs. They are seen as brutal gun toting thugs, uneducated, and quick to use violence to solve conflict. The members of this group of very misunderstood individuals are police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and federal agents, collectively referred to as LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers). They have gotten a lot of bad press lately. Below are some ways to make the men and women who have the critical task of keeping our cities, counties states, and nation a safer place.

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Reach Out for Mental Health Help Anonymously

Mental illness used to be a shameful word. If a family had a mentally ill member, their name was unmentioned, and inquires as to their well-being would be returned with oh, they are fine, they have their ups and downs. Admitting that you saw a psychiatrist would have people look at you like you were dangerous, or maybe even worse, you would be treated with pity and condescension. Some people would have a Nervous Breakdown, spend a week or two in a psychiatric unit, and the neighbors and co-workers would whisper about the in hushed tones, again a mixture of fear and pity. Fortunately we have come and long ways in how mental illness is treated, and how society sees people who are mentally ill.

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How to Report Animal Abuse or Maltreatment?

Our canine, feline, avian and equine companions are beloved family members. The only differences are they have four legs, speak a different language, and tend to have more hair. They provide us with great comfort, unconditional love, and you can tell them anything with the assurance they will keep your secret. Unfortunately, there are those who do not share this love of animals. Or their love is grossly misguided or inappropriate. While recognizing people love all types of animals from hamsters to hedgehogs, this article will focus on the most common pets, dogs and cats.

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How to Report a Probation or Parole Violation?

When people are convicted of a crime, there are a number of sentencing possibilities. The most obvious is incarceration in a jail (generally for 364 days or less) or a prison (on year or more). If someone has already served time in a prison, they will likely reach a point where they will be considered for parole, or early release. Other people convicted of lesser crimes may be offered a period of supervision in lieu of incarceration which is probation. House arrest is an interim measure between incarceration and parole. People who have been charged but not yet sentenced may be out on bail, with conditions of release they must abide by to remain in the community while they await trial or sentencing.