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What are the signs and symptoms of MXE/Methoxetamine abuse?

MXE (Methoxetamine) aka Mexxy, is a dissociative type anesthetic similar to Ketamine. It was developed specifically as a designer drug, aka a CSA (Controlled Substance Analogue) and has no known or approved medical uses. CSA’s are drugs manufactured by underground chemists, with a molecular structure similar to psychoactive illegal drugs. Because the molecular structure is different, the drug is not the same as the illegal counterpart, even though the effects are very similar. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and other authorities will identify the new CSA and regulate it but an underground chemist will alter the structure again to circumvent the law. It is an ongoing game to produce mind-altering substances outside the law.

What is MXE?

MXE is grayish/white powdery substance.

How MXE is used?

MXE can be taken in a variety of ways. It can be snorted, rubbed on the inside of the cheeks and gums, put under the tongue to dissolve, or injected. 

What are the effects of MXE on the user?

MXE produces the same effects as ketamine, but is more potent. The effects are: 

  • The user may feel like they have entered another plane of existence, isolated from the rest of the world or Universe
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • LOC (Loss of Consciousness)
  • Visual or auditory hallucinations
  • A warm, tingling sensation
  • Analgesia or inability to feel pain
  • Distorted perception of time
  • Loss of fine motor skills or inability to coordinate their hands
  • Impairment of gross motor skills, or staggering and difficulty walking
  • Disconnected or irrational speech 
  • Visual distortions
  • Impaired sense of taste and smell
  • A trance-like state 

How long MXE takes to work, and how long it lasts?

The effects of MXE will be felt about 10 or 20 minutes after is administered, and will persist for about two to five hours, depending on how the drug is taken. 

Short term and long term Risks of using MXE  

According to reports of individuals who have used MXE, and information about how the drug effects the brain, it doe not appear to be addictive. However the lack of information about the drug, due to its relatively recent appearance, e.g., about 2011, means that risks are mostly unknown. As with any psychedelic drug, removal or alteration of awareness of ones surroundings can cause the user to accidently injury themselves. 


It is said that habitual drug users are utterly fearless about what they put in their bodies. This starts with a curiosity which outweighs common sense and good judgment as people abuse drugs, and either descend into addiction, and are compelled to keep using, or keep using to experience new effects. When a new drug becomes available, there will be a population of individuals who will be willing to try it.