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Kindergarten teacher found dead, suspect in custody

Cathryn Gorospe was a Deer Valley Unified School District Kindergarten teacher who disappeared October 6. She had posted bail for Charlie Malzahn, who had been incarcerated for an unspecified offense. On October 8, it is alleged that Malzahn assaulted an Arizona State University student. Malzahn was arrested October 9 when he used Gorospe’s credit and debit cards. Police found him with Gorospe’s car, which had bloodstains inside. Malzahn resisted after being taken into custody, and was charged with Aggravated Assault on two police officers. Malzahn has a criminal record in Williams, AZ for assault, theft, and alcohol related offenses. The nature of the relationship between Gorospe and Malzahn is unknown, though police said they may have been romantically involved.

Regardless of the nature of their relationship, there is nothing to be gained from associating with violent individuals. They can be very seductive and exciting when you first meet them. They are the proverbial bad boys (or bad girls). Sociopathic, narcissistic, habitually violent individuals will meticulously observe everyone they come in contact with. Sociopaths are personality disordered individuals who consistently violate the rights of others without remorse, regret, of guilt. They are also known as antisocials, in that they are literally anti-society. They will not follow rules, or conform their behavior to social norms, or obey the law. Narcissists are swollen with pride and self-aggrandizement, self-centered, self-absorbed, and preoccupied with their own needs to the exclusion of anyone else’s. They will intuitively condense your body language, the way you dress, your overall appearance, and your tone, volume, and rate of speech into a synopsis of you, and determine if you are a safe target to prosecute. Once this is established, they will explore further, testing your boundaries and noting your emotional response to them. They will determine your needs, and what you want to hear, and deliver it flawlessly.  Then they may use their target one time only for money, sex, a place to sleep, a ride, or a meal.  Or they may use their target long term, entering into a very one-sided pseudo-relationship, sucking whatever they can from them like a vampire.  

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