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Couple in their 90's: victims of a violent home invasion

A very heinous crime took place in the Brooklyn, about 3:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. Waldiman Thompson, a 91 year old man, and his 99 year old wife Ethlin were in their home when four masked intruders burst in, tied them up, and burglarized their home. The woman escaped and went to a neighbor for help. Her husband was found dead at the scene when NYPD responded.


How terrible that this man’s life had to end after nearly a century at the hands of four scumbags. The last decade of life should be peaceful; a time for reflection on a life well-lived, the love of adult children and grandchildren, and for people of faith, a hopeful anticipation of another life after this one. It should not be cut off violently by predators. 

There are at least several issues here: 

  1. Here is something which too many mental health experts and criminologists refuse to accept: there is such a thing as evil. Psychology, psychiatry, and criminology, have for the most part sanitized the worst of human behavior with theories which absolve individuals who do terrible things to their fellow man. It must be the fault of society, the economy, with whom one associates, its poverty, its poor parenting. Only classical theory, which is rejected by many contemporary theorists, states that criminal behavior is the result of free will and individual choice. 
  2. Those who choose to commit criminals acts tend to select the most vulnerable victims Predators seek weakness, disability, fear, doubt and hesitation. They are seeking a goal, whether it is money, items which can be sold or bartered, drugs, or sex, or take a human life. They are not looking for a challenge or resistance. The infirm elderly are going to be ideal targets; elderly people may also have more wealth form a lifetime of work, savings, and investments.  
  3. Home invasion involves the direct confrontation of a victim. It is partly a crime of power, dominance, and thrill seeking. There are twisted individuals who gain pleasure from watching the fear and helpless outrage of others, and from physically dominating others. There are many ways to gain money or items illicitly which do not involve direct confrontation of a victim. People shoplift, embezzle, run scams and cons, or burglarize, which is defined as a entering a home the offender believes is unoccupied. Hoe invasion is the most violent and brutal choice of many poor choices. 
  4. Given the confrontational nature of the crime. It is very likely all four perpetrators have lengthy criminal records. It is difficult to understand why our criminal justice system has not contained them earlier in their criminal career, before they escalate to the point where a life is lost. 

The filth that did this will be facing considerable consequences. Homicide will be added to their home invasion charges. In the typical manner of cowards who got caught, they will likely point the finger at each other, betraying whatever trust may exist in an effort to save themselves from the worst of the consequences. In prison, they will not have respect from the inmate hierarchy for victimizing an elderly couple. Their problems are just beginning.  Was it worth it?