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Man arrested for having sex with horses

30 year-old Steven Errante of Dix Hills, Long Island had been arrested for deviant sexual activity with horses. Errante allegedly had sexual contact with horses on August 25 and September 4 of this year. He has been charged with two counts of sexual contact with an animal. He was also charged with failure to register on the Suffolk County Animal Abuse Offender Registry for a previous offense in 2013, in which he beat a dog with a baseball bat. The Labrador mix suffered a fractured skull and fractured front legs, and had to be put to sleep. In the same year, Errante fractured his father’s ribs with a baton.

Zoophilia, or erotic love of animals, is a paraphilia, or a mental disorder characterized by deviant sexual urges.  Zoophilia is perhaps one of the more bizarre sexual aberrations.  It can be speculated that people turn to animals for sexual gratification due to an inability to make connections with a human partner. However, there are many people who lack the social skills or motivation to get into an intimate relationship, and resort to prostitution or frequent, indiscriminate masturbation as sexual outlets. To choose an animal as a sexual partner is indicative of severe psychopathology.

It should not be necessary to go into the details as to why sexual contact with other than an adult human is a bad idea, but for some people it apparently is necessary. Animals are incapable of giving consent; they may be injured or harmed psychologically after sexual contact with a human. An animal such as a horse which has an exceptionally large phallus could produce serious injury in a human if the human is the receptive participant. American society still has some limitations and boundaries in place, in spite of the open-minded, overly sensitive, anything goes progressive thinking. Among these limitations is that a sex act with an animal is not acceptable, and a source of shame and public humiliation. Fortunately, our society has not yet morally deteriorated, it’s good to have limits.

On another note, it is difficult to understand why this man is still out in society. There is no mention of whether or not he is on Parole, Probation, or otherwise under any supervision from the NYS Department of Corrections.  There is also no indication if he was incarcerated for beating a dog to the extent that it had to be euthanized, or that he seriously injured huis father, and refused to be held accountable by registering an as animal abuser as required. Deliberate cruelty to an animal is an indicator of psychopathology, and can be a predictor of violence toward people. In the case of Errante, this is not theoretical, but a historical reality due to the assault on his father. It is also noteworthy that animal cruelty is at least a correlational predictor of serial sexual homicide. Serial killers typically start their career by killing animals. We do not know what other violent offenses Errante has committed, or what he does behind closed doors. His behavior is problematic, and such a person should be removed from society before he can do further harm.