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Sex Offences  Mon 13, Nov 2017 at 20:41

Nutrition teacher allegedly writes love letters to lure teenage male student in Maryland

A former nutrition teacher at St. Charles High School, Maryland, is accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old male student. LaToya Nicole Parker, 40, used “brazen” actions to lure the student. She wrote “love notes to him”, that gradually went from being innocent to requesting sex, periodically removed the boy from the classroom and treated him to meals at restaurants. Parker showed the student some of her naked photos, including those where she performed a sex act. Moreover, she offered to pay the boy in return for a sex act, according to deputies.

Sex Offences  Sun 12, Nov 2017 at 22:13

Oregon Sex offender exposed himself and touched children

Samuel T. Burris, age 44, allegedly exposed himself to a six year-old girl at an Oregon Dollar Tree store in September, and then exposed himself and touched two other girls, ages six and seven at a different Oregon Dollar Tree store in October. He was arrested and charged with two counts of First degree Sexual Assault, three counts of Public Indecency, and one count of Resisting Arrest. It is not stated if made bail, which was set at a quarter of a million dollars. He has a prior conviction which requires him to register as a sex offender.

Sex Offences  Sat 11, Nov 2017 at 04:11

Man allegedly shot in head for being bad at sex

A prostitute was arrested for allegedly shooting an Everett man twice in the back of the head for performing bad sex, according to police reports. Marissa Wallen, 21-year old, was also accused of robbing the client before leaving his house in Washington state and leaving the wounded victim alone. When held by police, Marissa confessed being an escort and that she was hired to have sex with the man.

Sex Offences  Fri 10, Nov 2017 at 11:21

Kentucky ex-principal accused of child pornography still awaits sentencing

This Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge delayed Louisville former high school principal’s sentencing in child porn case. Stephen Kyle Goodlett, 37, pleaded guilty to federal charges of transporting and possessing child pornography months ago and currently faces 63 state counts of child porn. While being a respected community leader for a long time in Kentucky, Goodlett secretly had access to the confiscated phones of female teens and traded their nude photos by sharing online on the internet, investigator.

Sex Offences  Fri 10, Nov 2017 at 00:42

23 yo substitute teacher accused of having sex with 2 male students

Madeline Marx, 23, was arrested at Kettering Fairmont High School, Ohio on Wednesday. School officials said she was arrested for possible "inappropriate activities" with a student. Marx was removed from the classroom by the police. There were accusations of sexting with the student. Marx confessed to sending nude pictures through Snapchat and Instagram.

Sex Offences  Wed 8, Nov 2017 at 14:18

Man arrested for having sex with horses

30 year-old Steven Errante of Dix Hills, Long Island had been arrested for deviant sexual activity with horses. Errante allegedly had sexual contact with horses on August 25 and September 4 of this year. He has been charged with two counts of sexual contact with an animal. He was also charged with failure to register on the Suffolk County Animal Abuse Offender Registry for a previous offense in 2013, in which he beat a dog with a baseball bat. The Labrador mix suffered a fractured skull and fractured front legs, and had to be put to sleep. In the same year, Errante fractured his father’s ribs with a baton.

Sex Offences  Mon 6, Nov 2017 at 19:17

Army serviceman arrested in connection to a sexual battery case

An Army serviceman, Xavier Linnell Siggers (28), arrested in connection to a sexual battery case in Gainesville, FL. Clay County law enforcement issued a warrant and arrested the 28 year old on November 1st. According to the complaint the 20-year old victim was sexually battered while she was physically helpless.

Sex Offences  Sun 5, Nov 2017 at 11:28

Sexual assault suspect uses ice-cream truck to lure kids in Durham

A Durham suspect, who allegedly used an ice-cream truck to lure children in North Carolina, turned himself in Friday night, after two boys reported that they had been sexually assaulted in the truck. According to police records, Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah, a 51-year-old man, had previously told one of the boys to get in the truck and help distributing ice-cream to the kids. Once the boy was in the vehicle, the Durham driver locked the doors and started touching the boy inappropriately. The boy resisted, saying “stop”, and Rahmah released him giving an ice-cream as a gift.

Sex Offences  Tue 31, Oct 2017 at 13:07

Married couple videos their molestation of a toddler

Justin and Jessica Crandall, ages 28 and 27 respectively, of Sidney, NY, pled guilty to federal charges of Sexual Exploitation of a minor. They videoed their sexual abuse of a 17 month- old child, for whom they were babysitters. Justin Crandall indicated he performed some of these acts while under the influence of methamphetamine. He was convicted on three felony counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, which carries a sentence of 15 to 30 years in federal prison. Jessica Crandall was convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, and Conspiracy to Sexually Exploit a child.

Sex Offences  Fri 27, Oct 2017 at 23:32

Convicted sex offender disgusted with himself

50 year-old Timothy Malloy, a former teacher at a Wisconsin school, has been convicted of Second Degree Child sexual assault. Malloy taught at Whitman elementary school in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He was charged with sexually assaulting a girl when she was ages 11 to 13, at least 50 times. A second student at the elementary school also alleged that Malloy behaved inappropriately. Malloy said he suffered from depression during the time of the offense, and he is “disgusted with himself” and will seek treatment while incarcerated. He has been sentenced to serve a 10 to 15 year sentence under the terms of a plea deal, as well as 10 years post-release entry on the Wisconsin sex offender registry.