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Bodies of three young women found in NC town, fourth woman missing

The bodies of three women, between ages and have been found in Lumberton North CarolinaLumberton is a town of about 21,000 people in the northeast region of NC. The bodies of Christina Bennet, age 32, Megan Oxindine, age 28, and Rhonda Jones, age 36 were all found within a three block area of Lumberton.  Bennet and Jones were found in April, and Oxindine was found in June. A fourth young woman, 20 year old Abby Patterson has been missing since September fifth of this year. In August, the body of 36 year old Michael Powell was found. There is speculation that a serial killer is operating in the area.

Abby Patterson, above, disappeared from Lumberton, N.C., on Sept. 5

Serial crime is a statistical anomaly which draws a great deal of media attention. Serial killers are typically men under 40, who kill within their own racial group, killing their victims sequentially. They are often acting out a highly detailed sexual- homicidal fantasy, in which they dominate and control others, violating them sexually, and torturing them, and killing them in an effort to gain ultimate control. It is as if they were directing and starring in their own movie. They may have developed this fantasy over years, refined it, and savored the fantasy, increasingly retreating from reality. Part of the fantasy may include targeting similar appearing victims, who remind them of a key or pivotal person in their life. When the fantasy is no longer fulfilling, e.g., the subject can longer gain or maintain an erection, they may seek to act out the fantasy. They will experience an increase in tension which will become unbearable. They escalate their behavior over time, from fantasizing and masturbating to stalking, engaging  in voyeurism or physical contact with a victim through frottage, (non-consensual rubbing their body against them) or contact with the victims living space. They may break into their intended victim’s home, steal intimate times such as underwear or lingerie, and masturbate. The actual rape and homicide will be a psychological as well as physical climax to their fantasy. This release of psychosexual tension will leave them satisfied for a period of time which could be years, or days. The tension will build again as they recycle their fantasy, replaying it thin their heads, and experiencing doubt that they did everything correctly during the last kill. When the tension becomes unbearable again, they reoffend. They may keep mementos of the crime to relive the kill.  

The discovery of the bodies of three young women and one man in such a small geographical area, as well as with so little time elapsed between the discovery of the bodies is very disturbing, especially to a small community. Doubtlessly, the residents of Lumberton will be anxious until a suspect is apprehended. 

Source: FoxNews