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Pennsylvania woman may be a sex trafficking victim

Corinna Slusser, a 19 year-old Marketing student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was reported missing on Sept. 20, from a New York City motel. Slusser is described as five feet, six inches tall, she weighs 140 pounds, and has long blond hair and blue eyes. She has a large black flower tattooed on her chest. She may be a victim of sex trafficking. She was allegedly assaulted by a man who is suspected of being her pimp. Slusser made a criminal complaint against this unnamed 32-year-old man about one month before she went missing. She alleged the man grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into a wall when she wanted $300 that he allegedly took from her. Slusser, originally from Bloomberg, Pennsylvania, moved to New York City after meeting the man in March of this year.  Slusser referred to him as “her daddy”. Family members said “She's so sweet and so naive. She didn't know what she was getting herself into.” 

Pimps are sexual predators, and are among the most vile, cruel, brutal scumbags on Earth. They recruit young women- and men- looking for those who are vulnerable, naïve and lost, both literally and figuratively. They will loiter at bus and train stations, looking for young women, sometimes only young teenagers, who are alone, most likely runaways who will not be missed quickly. They will offer them a meal, a warm bed, and drugs and alcohol. They will intrude on their boundaries, and offer them continued comfort, food, drugs, money and nice clothes, in exchange for sexual favors. The pimps will use rape and brutal rough sex, often with numerous associates, to break the girls will and terrorize her. Then they will turn her out, which means they will put their new employee on the street, expecting them to have sex with as many men as possible in a night. They will take nearly all of the money they are paid, and there will be brutal discipline. Withholding even a few dollars will result in a beating, rape, or worse. Trying to escape a pimp or go to a competing pimp will also earn a severe violent punishment, up to murder. Pimps use a carrot and stick approach, and a brainwashing process. They protect their girls from violent johns, other predatory pimp’s, they bail them out when arrested, and provide them with a place to live. Pimps foster and feed their girl’s addiction to keep them prisoner. A pimp’s mood can go from smiles and kindness to rage and violence in a matter of seconds if displeased. The girls are terrified and walk on eggs, working to avoid the violence, and keep the peace. This is in addition to the mistreatment they get from johns, and the humiliation and degradation from having sex with many strangers per hour. Prostitutes are more victims than offenders.

From the information available, it appears Slusser voluntarily went to NYC to meet this aforementioned 32 year old man. Many details are unknown, including if she remained with him under duress.

If you have any information on Slusser’s whereabouts please call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS or New Your City Police Department