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Parents allegedly torture their child to death

Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, of Los Angeles County, California, have been accused of abusing Fernandez’s eight year old son, Gabriel Fernandez, until he died in May, 2013. It is alleged that Gabriel was beaten, burned, forced to eat rotten food and his own vomit when he threw the food back up, he was forced to eat cat feces and cat litter, and he was gagged and tied up, and locked in a cabinet, and shot in the face with a BB gun. His naked body was found by paramedics called to his home with a fractured skull, fractured ribs, burns, and BB’s under his skin. His biological mother and her boyfriend face the death penalty.  To further add to this insanity, Aguirre stated motive is that he believed the little boy was gay, which led him to abuse and torture him.

Gabriel was living with his grandparents, and then moved in with his biological mother and her boyfriend in 2012. He was murdered eight months later. That any adult could do this to a child is beyond belief.  That a mother could stand by and watch it happen, and participate in it is even more unbelievable. Aguirre’s own defense attorney called the abuse this little boy suffered “unspeakable”. California social services were involved, and the elementary school Gabrielle attended has suspicions he was being abused. Four social workers were fired, (with one later reinstated) and have been criminally charged, which is a very rare occurrence, due to their alleged mishandling of the case. Several LASD (Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department) deputies were also disciplined for improper follow through. They visited the home several times for welfare checks, (surprise visits to check on the well-being of a child, elderly person, or handicapped adult) and found no indication of abuse. It is alleged they failed to file paperwork which would have prompted LASD detectives to investigate further. 

Why do we, as a society, allow this? Why do we indulge criminals?  Celebrities who supposedly advocate for justice want to lower bail, do-gooders want to eliminate use of segregation as a punishment in prisons, an ex-president who freed more convicted criminals than any of his recent predecessors combined, violent, mentally ill repeat felons are released to the street over and over, neighbors hold a candlelight vigil when an armed career drug dealer is shot by an entry team and a burglar who gets injured on your property can sue you.

It took four years for this case to be brought to trial. Our overcrowded and jammed court system allows offenders to avoid justice for years. This is insane. An example of the end result of this indulgence is a little boy who spent the last months of his short life in pain and fear.  Will there will be any vigils or protests or does his life not matter?