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Women in Crime: 18 Retro Mugshots You Haven't Seen Yet

We talk too much about men when it comes to crime. We sometimes choose to avoid the female criminals, but in reality, they, too, have a lot to offer to our mugshot collection. Below, we're presenting to you 18 retro mugshots of female criminals, in all their glory. 

1. A Sharp Hand for the Cat Eye

While many women struggle to paint cat eyes, this lady proves to be very sharp at it. We wonder what other sharp skills got her to the mugshot photo booth.

2. Clearly. Not. Happy.

Another mugshot from Minneapolis, Anna Belle Eli is clearly not happy with her mugshot, as well as that sign hanging from her neck. 

3. Hairspray! More Hairspray!

No arrest can take this woman's hairdo down. Thank God we do profile shots for these photos.

4. No Sign of Regret

A tough look like this is all we need to know not to mess with you.

5. Fashion First, Mugshot Next

Moving on to Philadelphia, these sunglasses could be on the cover of Vogue magazine today. Too bad this was the wrong location and the wrong occasion.

6. Been There, Done That

Too content to regret.

7. 5 More Minutes?

Not ready for the mugshot? Hair not ready yet? Too bad you only had one shot.

8. Start Your Day with a Smile

Even if you're about to face the court, remember to dazzle the judge with your smile. 

9. She Looks Pretty Sober to Me

Ellen Riley, arrested for use and illegal possession of drugs. Does she look high to you?

10. She is Hiding It in Her Hair

Barbara Dorsett was arrested for burglary and forgery. We bet she's hiding the evidence in her hair. 

11. The Wind is Always Blowing in One Direction

And when Mary got arrested, it was blowing East.

12. More Drugs, No Glow

Arrested for illegal possession of drugs, we're suspecting Michelle Sklar did test the product. Although, toners and moisturizers were not that popular back then.

13. She's Plotting Something Right Now!

That smile, this is clearly a lady with a plan.

14. Too Dreamy To Care

The birds are singing and the sun is shining out there ... so focus on the positive.

15. Were eyeglasses the only fashion trend?

No hair, no makeup, but eyeglasses are sacred, so make sure they're top-notch before you head out to your next trouble.

16. Those Eyebrows!

Dobbie Jean Werner surely knew how to make an impression with one glance. We bet those eyebrows had something to do with it.

17. Whateverrr ....


Definitely annoyed, surely bored, most certainly "seriously wants to go home."

18. Perfect Mugshot

Finally, if you're already in the mugshot room, it won't harm to just relax and give your best pose. Be more like Maletta, be awesome in your mugshots!