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Trying Too Hard: Epic Mugshots You Have to See

Some people always give their 110%. The problem is that they are not so passionate about finding jobs, building careers, and following the law, but they do give an extra effort to their prison mugshots. So, we found 5 epic mugshots that show people in trouble and also trying very hard to fit into a character.

1. The sun will rise again, tomorrow!

And everything will be alright if I smile wide and clear now. Showing us just how happy you are in this mugshot, unfortunately, won’t affect the judge’s ruling. But it will surely make us smile and even laugh for a few minutes. 

2. Identified thanks to teeth. 

If teeth are your most unique feature, you might be asked to show them in your mugshot. How else are they going to identify you, right? No, it's a silly joke. This mugshot is all about trying not to seem drunk, high, or angry. Emotion replacement has gone a little wrong with this lady, but you've got to give her a point for trying, very hard. 

3. Show them the real bling!

Like they've never seen before! Apparently, the stones on your teeth are so shiny they can even blind the camera. Too bad they don't usually work with surveillance cameras. In any case, we hope this young man knows that the rocks should be removed before he enters the prison. Inside, everyone might be a self-proclaimed dentist. 

4. Give me a few versions ... for my Instagram.

Now a silly one, now a serious one, now make it seem like I'm not looking. The mugshot booth can turn some of us into models, and we love how much positivity it has injected into this lady here. 

5. Dear Santa, I have not been good this year.

Or do I pray to God for that? At this point, it really doesn't matter, whoever can help you the most. So go ahead and start your one-on-one conversation with the big boss. Don't forget to ask him for patience, forgiveness, and a bail your parents can afford. Trying too hard to seem like a good girl, verdict approved. 

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