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Mugshots of top 3 serial killers you don't want to meet

Looking back as you walk home, watching out for weird strangers... we've all been in situations where we thought we were being stalked by a serial killer. While most of us were in luck and were actually not being followed, some people had the tragedy of meeting these 3 serial killers. Together with their stories, here are the mugshots of serial killers you never want to meet. 

1. John Wayne Gacy, The Killer Clown

Some of us don't like clowns because they are creepy, others don't like them because they've heard of the infamous clown who went on killing people. John Wayne Gacy from Chicago, also known as the Killer Clown, used to dress up for birthday parties and other events, where he would kill his victims, usually young boys. 

Gacy was active from 1972 to 1978. He has 33 victims to his name. 

2. Albert Fish, the Werewolf of Wysteria

The Werewolf of Wysteria is only one of his nicknames. Also called the Brooklyn Vampire, the Moon Maniac, and the Boogey Man, Fish lived more than a century ago.

During the time period of 1924 to 1932, Albert Fish has killed more than 10 people. Some of his fetishes were cannibalism and sadomasochism. Luckily, you can see how that ended for him. 

3. Ed Gein, the worst of them all

Cannibalism and other gruesome habits are common among serial killers, but what you're about to find out has no rivals in violence and sick imagination. Ed Gein, a serial killer from Wisconsin, was active from 1954 to 1957. He has killed 3 people and robbed more than 20 graves. There's more, he's mostly known for storing gloves, belts, candles, and lampshades made from human skin that the police found in his home. This man has no official mugshot, but this is one of the most famous photos of him, also used by the police for identification.

Glad we won't ever meet them again!