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Most terrifying mugshots in the history

Here are some of the terrifying mugshots in the history. Do they scare you?

1. Morgan Joyce Varn 

Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, was arrested for kidnapping and armed robbery. She was supposed to be just another criminal until her mugshot took the internet. This scary black-eyed devil woman with blonde hair earned a lot of comments and shares online. The readers were mostly shocked by the small heart tattoo on her cheek and glassy eyes. 

Varn was accused of being illegally armed in her North Carolina home, caught in possession of a stolen gun, robbing a man of his phone and money. She is being held in Lancaster County prison without bond.

2. Noel Dawson Jr

Noel Dawson Jr, 63, an Ohio man, was arrested for charging at his son with a hatchet and almost hitting him. His weird mugshot was taken with a maniacal, twisted grin and a greasy, grey mullet that falls and passes his shoulders. His eyebrows and blue crazy eyes give him a sinister look. Isn’t it just terrifying?

3. The Joker

Police in Virginia once arrested a man dressed as the Joker and charged him with wearing a comic mask in public. This is a felony that can result in serving a year in jail. He was held on a $2,000 secured bond. 

4. Brandy Lerma 

Brandy Lerma, a mother of a three-year-old, was arrested for drunk driving with her three-year-old child who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. When the police arrested her, she smelled of alcohol. Lerma told the police officers that she had taken prescription drugs as well as booze. This may explain her wide-eyed mugshot. Admit it, you can't look at her face more than a second without feeling the chills.

5. Cliff Harris

Cliff Harris, former Oregon football star, finished his career after he was arrested for drug possession. He also faced charges of theft and parole violation. This 25-year-old former player has had a long list of criminal drama since 2011. Once a good-looking man, now he has a terrifying mugshot forever recorded in the American history.