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Kids of the Victorian Era: Part 2

Don’t let these photos haunt you in your sleep tonight, they are not supernatural. They are as real as it gets. A number of children’s mugshots was later discovered at the Oxford Castle Prison. All mugshots date back to the Victorian era. They were preserved so well we can now look at their digitized copies.

Catch up with our first edition of Victorian Era children’s mugshots here. 

8. Henry Cox. Too serious for your years.

These wise looks belong to young, 19-year-old Henry Cox, who was sentenced to two months of hard labor for stealing. 

9. Samuel Currey. All he wanted was a pair of pants.

This 16-year-old teenager was caught trying to steal trousers. For that, he spent 21 days doing hard labor at the Oxford Castle Prison. 

10. Thomas Williams. Family business went wrong. 

14-year-old Thomas Williams, together with his brother, tried to loot a house when things went very wrong. He got caught, sent to prison, and sentenced to six months of time. 

11. John Conor. A little more than just robbery.

John Conor was 19 years old when he got sent to prison for assault and robbery. While in most of the cases, the crimes of the children do get our empathy, things are a bit different with Conor because of the assault element. 

12. Sophia Noreutt. A short-term stay. 

14-year-old Sophia Noreutt luckily spent only 2 days in prison. She attempted to steal wood. Hard to guess which party was kind to Sophia, as opposed to the child who tried to steal bread. 

13. James Logan. The 20-year-old child.

In today’s world, James Logan would hardly be considered a child. However, his mugshot was included in the series. He was arrested for stealing a coat to allegedly replace the one he is wearing in the photo. His sentence read only one month of hard labor. 

If you don’t have enough followers or the latest iPhone, have a second look at these photos and take a moment to appreciate your own life. Once you do that, come back for the third and final edition of children’s mugshots from the Victorian era.