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Kids of the Victorian Era: Part 1

We already looked through 1920s mugshots of classy Australian criminals, but it’s time to go even deeper into the past, to the 1870s. A collection of mugshots dating back to the Victorian era was uncovered at the Oxford Castle Prison. These mugshots depict children who were accused of the crime and minor felonies and apparently arrested for the mistake.

1. Martha Herbert. Starting with the little ladies.

12-year-old Martha Herbert stole half a shilling and sixpence. For that, she got sentenced to 42 days of hard labor at the Oxford Castle Prison. We hope the sentence didn’t break the sass we see in her eyes, an attitude like that could start an ambitious career in the future. But then again, it was not the best time for women with careers.

2. Julie-Ann Crumpling. A cutie in a dress.

This little, 7-year-old girl named Julie-Ann Crumpling has a mugshot because she attempted to steal a pram. This innocent crime got her into an unpleasant situation, she was banged up for an entire week to pay for the crime.

3. William Clarke. The thinker, after he’s been caught being the doer.

17-year old William Clarke stole something as romantic as a handkerchief. Nothing too serious, right? Well, tell that to the Victorian police, who sentenced William to 21 days of hard labor. 

4. George Sucknott. Let’s add some natural sunlight to your mugshot, kid!

Another 21-day sentence was “rewarded” to the 18-year-old George Sucknott for stealing clothes, which used to be a popular reason for crime in those days. 

5. Thomas Carter. The Grumpy Cat.

This fellow stole bread. While in some places kids are often let free for stealing bread, it didn’t pass by the Victorian authorities. 17-year-old Thomas Carter was sentenced to 21 days of hard labor. 

6. Benjamin Gardener. Get the eyes, keep everything else in the blur.

15-year-old Benjamin Gardener was also arrested and sentenced to 21 days of hard labor. His crime, however, was stealing a leather strap.

7.  Robert Woodley. A man in black.

The same sentence was given to Robert Woodley, a 18-year old boy. He was caught trying to steal hay. 

This sad collection is not over yet. Come back later for more Victorian mugshots and let’s explore all the small reasons why children could go behind the bars for.