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Funny Mugshots: Let's Give Them the Second Round of Applause

We can't! We refuse to! We are unable to stop browsing more and funnier photos, and compiling them into short lists you can scan through during your coffee break. There are just too many masterpieces that deserve the light of the web. So, here is the round two of funny mugshots from all over the US.  

1. And then Moses held his razor ... and the black hair parted

And then an entire nation passed through the head of this handsome fellow. Oh, well, maybe it was just the barber who didn't have time to finish the job. Whatever it was, the message is powerful. 

2. Makeup tats, male edition

Don't you just get tired of doing your brows and your mustache every morning? Just do a couple tattoos and you're set for life. Yes, you're set for life with a fashion trend that is definitely "not" going to change. Smart move, bro, smart move.

3. The clocks are melting, so is my brain

Salvador Dali would have found his lookalike if he was alive. Or maybe just a very, very passionate fan.

4. First draft

We know it may look a little messy in the beginning, but after some editing, this will be the most polished look of the century.

5. The elephant in the room, you've been addressed

It's time we talk about this mugshot. To be honest, it has been on our radar for a while, but we simply couldn't figure out what went wrong before the mugshot was taken. And we still don't. We just think it's time you enjoy the same image of absurdity that we've been studying for days. 

6. She's bringing sexy back

Who can resist this temptation? She chose the right color for her hair, fiery, passionate, and seductive like a goddess.

7. Rock'N'Roll forever

Some of us don't want to grow up, we want to be depressed, rock-loving teenagers forever. Wait, this is not a permanent marker, isn't it?

8. Miss Sassy is in trouble

Someone is in trouble, not because they're in jail, but because someone dared to break their eyeglasses. Damn! 

9. Annoyed. Level God

I believe this is the exact look of my soul when I am annoyed or bored. Remember this face, use it every time you hear a lame joke or attend a boring party. People will get your message. 

10. Beer can tabs are the new trend

You can't deny that US jails and prisons play a crucial role in fashion trendsetting. Remember this hairstyle, you might soon spot it in Vogue. It's also a helpful way of counting how many beers you had that day!