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Epic Mugshots: Top 3 Weirdly Tattooed Criminals

You think you've seen it all? Oh, wait, we've got more for you! From arrested grandmas to prison baes, we bring you the most epic mugshots ever taken in the jails all over the country. So, today we are bringing to you the top 3 most tattooed mugshots. Enjoy! 

1. Welcome to Hell, Morgan Joyce Varn!

Although tattoos are a very interesting form of art, some of us may get carried away. 24-year-old Morgan Joyce Varn probably ran out of space for more designs, so she went right for the eyes. The mugshot of this young South Carolina mother went viral as soon as it was posted. We are not sure if these are real eye tattoos or if she was wearing contacts, but we know one thing for sure, we hope her kids never get to see this mugshot. Otherwise, the monster in the closet may never go away!


2. Keeping It Classy, Even in Jail

Meet the "Gucci Gangster," Khamprasong Thammavon. Nope, Gucci has not hired him as their brand ambassador, Mr. Thammavon has decided to take up the job absolutely free of charge. Apart from being a member of the Laos Bloods gang, this 34-year-old California man was arrested for storing weapons and drugs. Whatever he's done, he's a walking advertisement from now on, until the day he discovers laser removal.


3. A Face You Can't Forget

Have you ever been so cute you wished you'd make a scarier impression on people? No? Well, Adam Roberts has! Arrested in 2013, this skeleton tattooed man was charged with burglary of several lockers. The Skeleton Man used to take the locker possessions and sell them around. We wonder if his customers ever thought he had a face you can trust? 

Let us know if you have been a customer of Adam Roberts, or if you have a brand you'd like to advertise in jail. We don't guarantee placement, but we do promise to find even more epic mugshots for you next time!