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Epic Mugshots: Satans in Jails

You’ve seen a lot of mugshots, you know what’s the number one tattoo trend, don’t you? It’s not the skulls or the crosses, it’s the satan horns! You can’t even imagine how many mugshots we see depicting people with a confused look on their face and a set of satan horn tattoos.

Don't you believe us? We are ready to prove our point! 

1. Your tiny little horns won’t get you far. 

Who are you going to scare with those tiny little horns? And those cute eyes, and those puffy lips of yours? There is no way Satan has a model face, and you, my fellow, need to get rid of the goatee and the horns and get into the modeling business to turn your life around.

2. Lady, are you looking at me?

Demon eyes can be very scary until you ask them if they’re addressing you or someone else. That can be the most embarrassing moment for the person, and the spell is broken. 

3. Hardcore face design. 

You need to be absolutely sure that you want to look like satan, or at least like an ork from The Lord of the Rings trilogy to undergo these many procedures. There goes your chance of sleeping with your face down. Those bumps won’t let you get to your second dream!

4. Finally, the mischievous side of the devil.

The real satan would not only be happy about his crime, he’d have a face very similar to this one. We don’t know if this gentleman has any satan tattoos, but we decided that the face paint qualifies for now. 

5. We’ve got a collector. 

Now, how do you take a guy with horn tattoos seriously if they also have a Nazi tattoo AND a woman’s kiss on the same face? You don’t. The guy is just a collector and likes to seem tough too. On you go to prove yourself in jail!

That’s it, we know there are so many of satan mugshots, but we hope this was just the right dose for today!