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Epic Mugshots: Don't Let Bad Teeth Keep You From Smiling

Mugshots are very serious, not because they will most probably be followed by time in prison or in courts, or perhaps a bail worth your salary, but because they are your headshot. Long after you're out of the police station, your mugshot will be haunting you for years. So, keep smiling in them, even if your teeth are telling you not to. 

1. Is this rage or excitement?

Who cares! You can clearly sense the energy coming out of this mugshot. And if it was rage, we're sure the police officers dealt with it all right. You can now relax, sit back, and enjoy this exciting smile. 

2. Show your teeth. Now don't show your teeth.

Too bad you can't do the latter, it seems. This mugshot went viral, dozens of people using this as inspiration for creating more and more memes, like we didn't have enough already. And this guy ... this guy keeps coming back for more mugshot. He knows how "supply and demand" works.

3. Now that's what I call staying positive!

Look at that piece of art! All those wrinkles on your nose hint us that this was, indeed, a genuine smile! An extra point for being authentic, and 3 more for being so positive!

4. A full package.

This guy is the full package of mugshot smiles. It's not just his teeth that send the message, it's the eyes too! And judging from the rest of his teeth, something very spontaneous happened to the missing ones.

5. Let me shine in this room!

It was dark and gloomy in the room until he opened his mouth and granted us the illuminating smile that he had. Like, literally. 

And we're finishing our bad teeth mugshot series with this positive note. Don't let the smile fade away from your face, even if you're being arrested. remember, it's your chance to become famous!