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Bringing the glam back to prison. Top 5 glamorous female mugshots

If you thought the prisons were full of scary and intimidating people, we challenge you to reconsider. Jails and prisons of America are not only filled with a vast diversity of people, but they also house some of the most glamorous women you might ever see in your life. Don't believe us, we've got proof. 

1. Gabrielle Hill

Meet Gabrielle Hill, the Florida beauty who got arrested for illegal drug possession in Tampa, Florida in 2009. It's been almost a decade since we've seen her in the mugshots. Do you think she still sports that piercing gaze? We bet there is still a sparkle in her eyes, and hopefully no illegal drugs in her pockets. 

2. Cristina Davalos

Cristina Davalos, a gorgeous drug trafficker who happened to have a perfect hair and makeup day for her mugshots. We're sure it takes at least a few shots before Vogue models get this pose right. What about a career change, Cristina? 

3. Mary Hunt

Don't you dare break up your engagement with Mary Hunt, because she will try to steal all your treasure from your vault. At least, that's what she tried to do to her CEO ex-fiance. According to the victim, Mary and he were the only people who knew the combination necessary to open the vault. Hunt was arrested for stealing 99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings, and 172 loose diamonds. 

4. Lorena Tavera, Miss El Paso 2008

When Dillard's employees reported a Texas woman who tried to steal a $69 worth shirt, they probably didn't know that they were dealing with no other than Miss El Paso 2008. The beauty queen tried exiting the shop without paying. What if she needed the shirt to go fight for another beauty title? Regardless of everything, her mugshot probably gave her more publicity than that shirt ever would. No offense, Dillards.


5. Sarah Seawright, a.k.a. "Prison Bae"

Finally, 24-year-old Sarah Seawright from Little Rock, Arkansas, earned the title of "Prison Bae" when her mugshot went viral. Seawright was arrested for a failure to appear in court, where she was supposed to face charges of driving without insurance. 

After paying the corresponding fines, her failure to appear charges were dropped and this smile walked out of the police station free as ever. 

Turns out beauty shines everywhere, even from mugshots. Let this one be a short master class for you ladies. Next time you're out planning to get in trouble, make sure you're ready to rock that mugshot because the Internet is waiting!