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Best Crazy Hair Mugshots, With Love from US Prisons: Part 1

Leaving just the right impression is important in the streets. It can help you become the next fiery leader or the neighborhood joke. And your hairstyle has a lot to do with it. We've seen hundreds of mugshots in our lives and the most common feature is by far the incredible hair fashion. There is simply no limit to the creativity of these young lads and gals. So, today, we're going over the best crazy hair mugshots you'll ever see. 

1. My horns are tired, give them a break 

Unless these were supposed to be handles (which is totally possible, by the way), our best guess is that this gentleman is sporting horns on vacation. Mind you, he can still turn his "devil" ON once he's out of the mugshot booth. Before that happens though, we are allowed to have fun with this photo.

2. Don't forget to mow the lawn

Oops, it looks like you did. You forgot an entire head! However, if this is just a guy getting bold, we've got to give him a point for enjoying his long hair to the very last second.

3. Hi Bruce Jenner, how's your street life going?

Come on, we can't be the only ones to see the familiarities. A Bruce Jenner with full-on neck tattoos and an intense glare like that, it has to make you uncomfortable to some level.

4. Part your hair into four sections ... 

Every hair tutorial on YouTube starts like that, doesn't it? Yes, and some users apparently take it literally. So, they leave only four sections of hair, nothing more, nothing less.

5. Get your trolls together, it's hug time!

Oh wait, why don't you have your hug face on? If you're going to wear this cute troll hair, you'd better be into singing and dancing, otherwise, who's going to light up that head?

Let's keep the dose of crazy mugshots on balance. Don't forget to come back in a few days to view the second part of this series.