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5 people who can't stop being flirty in their mugshots

Some people are just born Casanovas. You can't do anything about it. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they are the main flirt, even in their jail mugshots. And although we love original creativity when it comes to browsing mugshots, some of you folks out there are trying way too hard. 

1. So, tell me more about you.

We almost believed you. In fact, I'd say you're my friendly neighbor next door if I didn't know that I'm looking at a mugshot. Whoever's serving as inspiration on the other side of the camera, we say you nailed the flirty pose. 

2. Can I  have your number, or what?

Or what, for sure. 

Despite that, we're an objective crowd, and we can't help but give a cheer for the neatly buttoned up shirt and that hair! It might not be everyone's taste, but you can tell he put some effort into the design. Hope he can maintain the same styling habits in jail too, it would be a shame for such creativity to stop. 

3.  I am smiling, therefore I am nice.

They told me to be nice and smile, am I doing it right? Maybe, a little too right. You can tell this is definitely the "trying-too-hard" limit when it comes to flirting. You don't need to show all your teeth to qualify for our rundown. In fact, you don't have to show ANY teeth at all, proved and tested in our next mugshot. 

4. They say teasing is attractive, what do you say?

The ball is in your court, whoever you are looking at this mugshot. What are you going to say? Will you respond to the "ultimate flirting mugshot" or give up. Surely, this has been practiced in front of the mirror numerous times, it excites energy, self-confidence, and a little bit of careless playfulness. And who doesn't like that?

5. The Final Flirt

It's not even about the mugshot, it's about Justin Bieber himself. He's the Oprah of the teenage flirt, so if there is ever going to be a rundown of flirty mugshots, Bieber has earned to be the showstopper long time ago. Oh, Justin, you are always going to be the flirtiest mugshot ever, as long as we love you!