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5 Most Stupid Mugshots of US Criminals

We've all seen some really creative stupid mugshots, but what we're about to show you goes beyond simple stupidity. It goes deep into poor planning and bad life decisions since these criminals are wearing their brains on their faces.

1. Dolphin tattoos and the babyface

It's pretty difficult to appear tough and dangerous when the mother nature has gifted you with a baby face. So, what do you do? Plastic surgery is painful and costs a lot, the affordable option would be tattooing your face. The target areas? Wherever there was supposed to be facial hair. There is one tiny detail we can't seem to comprehend, why tattoo your eyebrows with shapes that look very similar to a couple jolly dolphins?

2. Never. Forget. The. Verses.

What's the best way of showing how much of a God-loving, God-fearing, and God-tattooing person you are? Tattoo your message on your forehead. This facial area has long been known as an alternative notepad for some people, and now this man has turned it into a billboard. 

3. Should we just call you ... God?

Well, now at least we know the manufacturer of this model. God. Another religious statement on the same soft spot for advertisement. Now, the cynical commentator within me just wants to burst out and ask, "Which God?" I bet that tattoo needs a footnote now.

4. Medical test at face value

We all need to give a round of applause for the criminal who warns you long before he has started speaking. Just clear the way and stay out of trouble when you see a forehead like this. We really hope the tattoo is based on facts, otherwise, this fellow will be facing a dozen psychiatric tests later.

5. Justice burns

Poor man, he probably didn't know you can't take your mugshot with your hat on. Now we can all observe the incredible skin contrast and your true colors!

And you were getting ready for your facial tattoo appointment today? These mugshots should have given you a reason for having double thoughts now. If not, we're looking forward to your mugshot!