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4 People Who Were Having a Bad Hair Day in Their Mugshots

Every time you do something crazy with your hair, remember, that may be the day when you get arrested. And if your mugshot ever gets posted online, it will stay there forever. Now, here are four people that didn't have this thought the day they were arrested. Or if they ever did, these are the hairdos they considered their statement. 

1. When your hair is ready to take off.

He couldn't flee the scene, but his hair is still trying! Is it a bird, or an airplane, no one can tell. What we know for sure that a certain hair gel producing company benefited greatly when this haircut was in trend in his neighborhood. Now, here's a bet, do you think the wings moved every time he walked?

2. A pop of color is all you need.

It's not that this is a crazy hairstyle. Surely, pink hair has been on trend for a while now. You will see it on the runways, in the streets, and even in the most reputable fashion magazines. However, adding so much height to the pink makes it look a lot like the Hunger Games is back! And district Pink, you're up next!

3. Who stole your hair, Barbie?

Everyone knows that if something is this shiny, it probably ain't real. No matter how much hair conditioner you apply, you can never get your hair this shiny. But this guy, obviously, found a way! The only mystery is why were the eyebrows left out?

4. Santa's going pastel!

It looks like pink is a popular color in jail. If Santa gave his preference to pastel pink, then it has to be the hottest hair color of the winter season. And most importantly, it keeps the smile on your face!

I think it's worth saying now, lesson learned! Your mugshot will stay around longer than your passport photo, so before the officers hit the button, ask them for a mirror and make sure your pink hair is on fleek!