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3 really weird mugshots that will leave you confused

We go through dozens of mugshots every day, so you can trust us when we say we've seen a lot. But even our team was pretty confused when we came across these three fine examples. It's hard to give any commentary, but we're going to give it a shot and try to explain what's happening here. 

1. Years of work displayed at face value

This has got to be a work of several years. It's almost like a collection of memories, a diary, a bucket list of some sort, tattooed on your entire body. And how painful those cheek tattoos must have been! We'll take our guess, these are probably specific criminal designs that you'd only get done in only one tattoo salon chain in the country - the prison.

2. Stay on the line, stay on the line!

Well, you can at least see the symmetry around the eyebrows, or, more precisely, the attempt of symmetry. And as if eyebrow tattoos were not exotic enough, our friend here decided to spice things up a bit and added a beard element to the look. How has that been going?

3. The Antichrist has arrived ... really?

Here's a piece of advice I am not going to charge for. If you want to appear horrific and intimidating, don't do injections that look like horns and wear pink. We get the tattoos and everything, but you need an outfit makeover yesterday.

We did our best, what do you think? Got any commentary on these mugshots? Share this post away and let us know what you think! 

And finally, remember to dress up nicely today, it could be your mugshot day!