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3 people who happened to be dressed up for their mugshots

Some people take quite a few mugshots in their lives, others, however, get the chance only once or twice. So, it makes sense to make the occasion memorable and dress up for the photoshoot, right? Okay, we tried to make it sound nice, but in reality, these three men probably had no idea their costumes would end up in a mugshot when they were putting it on that morning.

1. Beware the Cowman, kids!

Well, if the judge ever has doubts about how strange and unacceptable the look of this gentleman was when he got arrested, they can always refer back to this mugshot. The evidence is right there, saved and stored on Google, forever! 

The Cowman was arrested for using his neighbor's yard as a toilet, as well as chasing kids while wearing this costume. For sure, there is at least one neighborhood full of children that have phobias of cows now. Some of them may have even become lactose intolerant within seconds of the Cowman attack. In any case, we hope this disturbing costume never finds its way back to costume stores, and if it ever does, just make sure you're not wearing it to a PG13 event, will you, please?

2. Catching Mr. Silverman 

Mr. Silverman was arrested for drunk driving in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who can blame this man? He probably couldn't get the gold in a casino, so he decided to settle for the second best, silver! Oh wait, looking at those skin patches, it may not even be real silver, just cheap jewelry. 

Although we have no idea what the rest of the costume resembled, we really hope he got a good 45 minutes of a hot shower after this mugshot. 

3. Fired for not being a good elf?

If it was possible for elves to be fired, I imagine this would be the look on their faces on the first day out of the job. Going out and getting in trouble would also be on the list. So, hey, maybe you ARE a real elf because you're playing the role too well to be fake. 

In any case, we're sure these mugshots deserve to be framed and hung on the wall. There will be so many "remember that time when ... " stories haunting these men all their lives, but we're sure they would cause a good laugh in the room and no harsh memories.