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3 Fake Mugshots We All Wish Were Real

Don't you get tired of real mugshots? Sure, there is so much imagination in those photos that it's hard to get bored, but sometimes the heart wants a little more fiction. Here, we're giving you that fiction! We've compiled a list of three fake mugshots we all wish were real.  

1. Arrested for "Sobbing Uncontrollably"

Ryan Reynolds is the new king of sarcasm and humor that cuts deep. I will even say if Deadpool was real, Reynolds would definitely be the #1 suspect. 

2. Oh Ross, what did you do?


No one expects Ross to end up in the mugshot booth, and perhaps that's why this mugshot is so cute we wished it was real. Just imagine, what could have possibly gotten him into that room? An attempt to steal dinosaur bones? Accidently robbing a florist? Or showing up at Rachel's door with dinosaur bones and a bouquet of stolen flowers? Sure, that does sound like him!

3. Vamp it up in jail!

Oh girls are going crazy! Robert Pattinson, Cedric Diggory, or Edward Cullen himself! It would definitely be a legendary experience ending up in the same jail cell with him, whether he'll use that British accent of his or not. 

By the way, we have serious suspicions that whoever created this mugshot was crafting a story with blood. We bet that's Wolverine's claw mark on Pattinson's heavenly cheekbone.

An extra to make you smile even wider!

We couldn't let you go without an additional mugshot that broke all our cute-o-meters. Arrested for taking a nap?