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1920s mugshots look cooler than your profile picture: Part 3

We are about to discuss the third and final part of the classiest mugshots ever taken. Unfortunately, these mugshots come from Australia, which should have been a fashion center equal to Paris and Milan. Look at these gentlemen, they are the faces of vintage crime. 

1. Sydney Skukerman, or Skukarman

Imagine for a moment, this guy shows up at the warehouse that you work at and tells you he needs to transport the stock that you just received. Load it up! Will you believe this face? Apparently, a lot of people did back in the 20s!

Sydney Skukerman did the job pretty well. He was charged with "obtaining goods from warehousemen by falsely representing that he is in business."

The mugshot was taken on September 25, 1924.

2. Guiseppe Fiori, alias Permontto

A haircut like this would cost you more than a $100 today. We don't know how much it cost Mr. Fiori in 1924, but it definitely adds class to his mugshot.

While there is no description for this exact mugshot, Fiori has also been listed in another case as a safebreaker. Wouldn't you want to see him in the process? 

Fiori's mugshot was taken on August 5, 1924.

3. Walter Keogh, the 20s bogus real estate agent

Benedict Cumberbatch, is that you? Oh no, this is Walter Keogh. The man with this mysterious look in his eyes was a pickpocket in 1920s. Later, he was also named a "suspected person and bogus land salesman." 

This mugshot was taken on February 9, 1922.

4. Patrick Riley, the money maker

Patrick Riley, also known by his alias Matthew Edward Riley, was arrested for producing counterfeit coins. He even had a machine that made the coins. Wouldn't you want to have a machine that prints bills for you? Well, in case you do, don't forget to send us your mugshot. 

This mugshot was taken on August 11, 1924.

5. Sidney Kelly, drives his own motor car and dresses well.

The jawline, the eyes, the eyebrows! This guy knows how to take a mugshot! Ironically, it looks like they took much better photos in an age where selfies and smartphones didn't exist. Even the newspapers wrote about him! Some of his charges included shooting, assault, illegal baccarat gaming, and other offenses. The newspapers described Sidney Kelly as an “Illicit drug trader. Drives his own motor car, and dresses well. Associates with criminals and prostitutes.”

The mugshot was taken on June 25, 1924. 

And this is the photo we conclude our 20s mugshot collection with. We hope you enjoyed it, and we certainly hope you took some fashion lessons out of it!