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1920s mugshots look cooler than your profile picture: Part 2

When I told my friend how stylish the Australian criminals looked back in the 20s, she said, "Well, they probably owned only two outfits back in the day." A smart thought, but some of us have a hard time correctly styling even one outfit for a weekend, let alone two! So, my admiration for these ladies and gentlemen remains untouched. Hence, here is our third edition of Australian mugshots from the 1920s that are too classy for the occasion. 

1. Joseph Messenger, should have been a model, ended up a thief.

Forget the haircut for a moment, I know, you'll have to pay some really good money for a look like this today. Joseph Messenger was one of those thieves that kept going back to the mugshot booth all their lives. He, together with a friend named Valerie Lowe, was first charged with stealing boots and coats from an army warehouse.

A year later, this guy was ready for another operation - breaking into a dwelling. For that, he was arrested and this mugshot was taken. The criminal career didn't stop there though.

Joseph Messenger appears in the criminal records later in 1930 as a gang affiliate. Although it looks like he did climb the career ladder, he remained really bad at not getting caught.

The mugshot was taken on February 15, 1922.

2. De Gracy and Edward Dalton

A couple gentlemen, dressed up, sitting still for their criminal passport photo. However, only one of them seems to be annoyed. 

Unfortunately, no records of criminal charges were found with this photo, but still, look at De Gracy's hat. How much would you pay for it?

Their mugshot was taken in 1920.

3. Harry Williams, the ladies' man

Nothing too dangerous here, Frank Murray with an alias Harry Williams was arrested for breaking in and stealing. Wondering why a guy like that has time for being arrested instead of drinking champagne with the ladies? We were wondering too! Interestingly, the image description reveals that he "consorts with prostitutes" and "frequents hotels and wine bars in the vicinity of Haymarket. What if the break-in was a simple act of romance? Oh Harry, we will never know now!

4. Gilbert Burleigh and Joseph Delaney, not happy with their mugshots?

Meet Gilbert Burleigh (on the left), "a hotel barber." The gentleman standing next to him, however, was charged for "false pretenses & conspiracy." Delaney, the real barber, was arrested for robbing people while staying at hotels, boarding or residential houses. 

5. William Cahill, the smiling man

William, you should have hired an agent, not a lawyer. While we don't know what crime this handsome man had committed, we would give so much to see him on the cover of Vogue magazine next month. The outfit, the hair, and that smile deserve more credit than just a mugshot.