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1920s mugshots look cooler than your profile picture: Part 1

The Roaring Twenties have, in fact, been quite roaring in jails and police stations all over the world. If you could zoom out from the feathery movements of flapper dresses and endless, seductive jazz of the era, you would see a whole new classy world behind the mugshots.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to present the 20s mugshots in three parts! Let's get started with the first one. 

1. William Stanley Moore, drug dealer

So, this is what a drug dealer looked like in the 20s? It wouldn't hurt to say that your occupation shouldn't define who you are. Even if you're selling large quantities of fake opium and cocaine, and also happen to be a part of a thief and drug dealing network, you can still wear a suit that makes you look hotter than Justin Timberlake. Take your masterclass from William Stanley Moore. His mugshot was taken in Australia on May 1st, 1925. 

2. Albert Stewart Warnkin and Adolf Gustave Beutler

No one names their kids Adolf these days, but back then they did a lot, and some of the Adolfs of the 20s used to wear a stylish hairstyle and a hat. Albert Stewart Warnkin was accused of "attempting to carnally know a girl eight years old," which in our modern language would mean "a child molester." Beutler, on the other hand, was caught with a less serious charge, i.e. "wilful and obscene exposure." Some things never change.

The mugshot was taken on October 18, 1920

3. Thomas Craig, Raymond Neil (aka “Gaffney the Gunman”), William Thompson and FW Wilson OR SIMPLY "The Reputed Thieves"

Now, don't you miss the times where you could take a group mugshot? It would be a much more memorable event and would probably be less stressful to have your pals by your side. You would even take the chance to pose for the camera. 

These group of jolly-looking gentlemen was arrested during a police raid at 74 Riley Street, which was allegedly known to host "reputed thieves." As a result, 15 men and women were arrested, good job to Chief Bill Mackay, who lead the raid. 

This mugshot was taken on January 25, 1928.

4. The double life of Eugenia Falleni 

When the wife of Stanmore hotel cleaner named Harry Leon Crawford disappeared after she told a family member that she had found out "something amazing" about her husband, she disappeared with no trace and was later found dead. During the investigation, it turned out that her husband was, in fact, a woman and a mother, with the real name of Eugenia Falleni. 

Falleni has been playing a man's role since 1899. She played it so well that she even decided to marry a widow named Annie Birkett, soon to become her victim.

5. The Mysterious Ah Low


Unfortunately, not much information is known about Ah Low. The only detail we know for sure is that the mugshot was taken on May 31, 1928.

Remember the times when people dressed up real classy for their mugshots? The Australian 20s is the place to get your fashion inspiration from if you're planning on spending a night at the nearby police station. And if you happen to have internet there, don't forget to check back for the 2nd edition of the 20s mugshots.