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Top 5 Sexiest Prisoners And Their Gorgeous Mugshots

Everyone is lucky in their own way. The heroes of these mugshots got lucky because of their mind-blowing mugshots, and their good looks, of course. While some of you may think “Who needs to commit a crime when you have these looks, just do modeling!” they did commit different crimes and that is why we can now enjoy these jail masterpieces. 

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The Serial Killers of the Past Century: Part 2

These people are serial killers who were notorious for multiple, gruesome crimes they’d committed in their lifetimes. Some of them had psychological disorders, others had addictions, traumas, and a variety of other crime triggers. Most of their crimes included torturing and killing people, sometimes having sexual intercourse with the victim. They had their nicknames and the corresponding reputation. Let’s get down to the mugshots of some of the terrifying people in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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The Serial Killers of the Past Century: Part 1

A serial killer is typically a person who commits crime more than once, and there is usually a time period between the crimes. A number of psychiatrists and FBI agents tried to find the reason why a person would have a call to murder one after another, and they came to the conclusion that every  case  is different. Some serial killers may be thrilled by anger, some by financial gain or sometimes simple lack of attention. Here are the top serial killers you should know about:

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Vintage mugshots of women of all times: Part 1

Vintage mugshots give us the extraordinary opportunity to look back and see how things have changed over the years. In this collection of vintage mugshots of women, you can let your imagination go a little wild. On the more serious side, these are real mugshots of women with real stories. Women were arrested and sentenced on a daily basis, sometimes even without sufficient evidence. Let’s have a look:

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Chicago’s most famous vintage mugshots

A large collection of incredible vintage mugshots from the 1920s were restored from the Historic Houses Trust. These mugshots include a short description of the person and the nature of the crime they committed. Here are some of the most impressive ones: 

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Trying Too Hard: Epic Mugshots You Have to See

Some people always give their 110%. The problem is that they are not so passionate about finding jobs, building careers, and following the law, but they do give an extra effort to their prison mugshots. So, we found 5 epic mugshots that show people in trouble and also trying very hard to fit into a character.

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Kids of the Victorian Era: Part 3

In the Victorian era, children used to receive the same harsh punishment as adults for their crimes. Even if the crime was petty theft or something as innocent as stealing bread.