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General  Fri 3, Nov 2017 at 14:04

San Francisco iPhone X Heist - More that 300 Phones Stolen

Today (November 3, 2017), at around 11:15 am, three hudied men broke into a UPS truck parked right outside Apple store in San Francisco and stole over 300 iPhone X phones, worth more than $313,000. The truck was parked outside the Stonestown Galleria mall and the UPS driver assured he had locked the vehicle.

Mass Shootings  Fri 3, Nov 2017 at 13:50

Newtown police may have had tip before Sandy Hook shooting

An FBI report last week indicated an unnamed man went to the Newtown, Connecticut police four years before the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in which 20 children and 6 adults were killed. The anonymous man reported that Adam Lanza had a firearm, had talked about killing his mother Nancy, and killing children at the Sandy Hook elementary school where she worked. The NPD advised the informant that they could not take any action as the guns were owned by Nancy Lanza.

Homicides  Fri 3, Nov 2017 at 07:32

Toddler’s corpse found in plastic container

An Arkansas couple was arrested after a 1-year-old was discovered dead inside a plastic container in their closet. The victim’s mother, Maria Giron-Molina, and her boyfriend, Tyler Hobbs, were taken into custody related to the child’s death. Tyler Hobbs, 21, was arrested on suspicion of a first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, while Maria Giron-Molina, also 21, only for abuse of a corpse, as stated in police records.

Mass Shootings  Thu 2, Nov 2017 at 05:43

3 dead in Walmart shooting, suspect at large

Three people were confirmed dead after an adult man entered the Thornton Walmart, Colorado, on Wednesday night and “nonchalantly” opened fire. Authorities say two men were shot to death on scene, while a woman died later in the hospital. As for the suspect, he is currently at large. The gunman was last seen fleeing in a red car following the bloody shooting. After checking the security camera footage and interviewing the witnesses, police described the suspect wearing a black jacket, maroon shirt, and blue jeans. People are kindly advised to stay away from the area.

Police Chases  Wed 1, Nov 2017 at 22:40

Gang member takes police on high speed pursuit, crashes car on camera

On October 25, 2017 33 year old gang member, Erick Leslie Batta, takes the patrol deputies and warrants units on a high speed chase from his home on Becky Lane in Hudson. Before the deputies could detain Eric Batta, he fled the scene in his 2005 Ford Quad Cab pickup truck. He went on Denton Road and then southbound on US-19. Eventually he crashed his car on an intersection of Fox Hollow Drive.

Family Crime  Wed 1, Nov 2017 at 21:07

Seven children found living in filth and decay

A Lexington, North Carolina couple was arrested when they and their seven children were found living in appalling filth. Michael Patrick McKnight, age 24, and Jamie Leigh Hiatt, age 25, were charged with felony Neglect-Child Abuse involving serious injury, and six misdemeanor counts of child abuse. Lexington police officers went to the home to do a welfare check, and found malnourished children ages one through six, in a home filled with urine and feces from both animals and people. One child had maggots in her diaper. The welfare check was precipitated by the children’s grandmother receiving images of her grandchildren, and becoming alarmed at their appearance. McKnight and Hiatt are being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

Family Crime  Wed 1, Nov 2017 at 12:23

Family dispute ends with woman pouring boiling water at victim

A 43-year-old woman from Waverly, N.Y., Nichole Brown, is under arrest for assaulting a man with boiling water in a village home. The incident happened during a family dispute. As a result of the domestic violence, an adult man was seriously injured after Nichole Brown poured boiling water on his back. Moreover, she is also accused of attempting to stab the victim, as well as herself, with a knife. Both of them were taken to hospital to receive medical care, Waverly police say.

Terrorism  Tue 31, Oct 2017 at 17:47

Sayfullo Saipov 29-year-old from Tampa is the suspect in Manhattan vehicle attack

29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov deliberately drove into the bike path in Lower Manhattan killing at least 8 and injuring over a dozen people. New York City mayor Blasio said "This is a very painful day in our city, Based on the information we had at this moment, this was an act of terror, a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians."

Homicides  Tue 31, Oct 2017 at 13:47

Shootings at Halloween party, man dressed as Santa Claus arrested

A man dressed up in a Santa Claus costume shot 4 people at a Halloween party this weekend, authorities say. The party was held privately in Austin and ended in bloodshed. The gun shooter Randall Gaston Jones, a 32-year-old Texas man, was arrested in a neighboring house where he had fled from the party.

Homicides  Tue 31, Oct 2017 at 13:16

Parents allegedly torture their child to death

Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, of Los Angeles County, California, have been accused of abusing Fernandez’s eight year old son, Gabriel Fernandez, until he died in May, 2013. It is alleged that Gabriel was beaten, burned, forced to eat rotten food and his own vomit when he threw the food back up, he was forced to eat cat feces and cat litter, and he was gagged and tied up, and locked in a cabinet, and shot in the face with a BB gun. His naked body was found by paramedics called to his home with a fractured skull, fractured ribs, burns, and BB’s under his skin. His biological mother and her boyfriend face the death penalty.  To further add to this insanity, Aguirre stated motive is that he believed the little boy was gay, which led him to abuse and torture him.