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Funny  Tue 17, Oct 2017 at 11:37

1.2 million dollar fajita theft by Gilberto Escaramillo

A Texas man has been charged with misappropriating fajitas over a nine year period. The total value of the diverted fajitas is $1,251,578. The suspect is Gilberto Escaramillo, a former employee of the Cameron County Juvenile Justice department (CCJJD).  He admitted to stealing the fajitas when a truck full of 800 pounds of fajitas attempted a delivery to him at his workplace while he was out for a medical appointment. Apparently he was diverting the fajitas from the CCJJD and selling them. A search warrant of his home was executed and a number of illicit fajitas were discovered in his freezer.

Street Crime  Mon 16, Oct 2017 at 10:24

Kindergarten teacher found dead, suspect in custody

Cathryn Gorospe was a Deer Valley Unified School District Kindergarten teacher who disappeared October 6. She had posted bail for Charlie Malzahn, who had been incarcerated for an unspecified offense. On October 8, it is alleged that Malzahn assaulted an Arizona State University student. Malzahn was arrested October 9 when he used Gorospe’s credit and debit cards. Police found him with Gorospe’s car, which had bloodstains inside. Malzahn resisted after being taken into custody, and was charged with Aggravated Assault on two police officers. Malzahn has a criminal record in Williams, AZ for assault, theft, and alcohol related offenses. The nature of the relationship between Gorospe and Malzahn is unknown, though police said they may have been romantically involved.

Street Crime  Sat 14, Oct 2017 at 21:17

Florida may become first state to execute drug dealers

Florida governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law which will charge drug dealers who sell fentanyl with a fatality resulting with first degree homicide. The minimum penalty for first degree homicide in Florida is life without possibility of parole, or capital punishment.  The methods of capital punishment in the state of Florida are lethal injection or the electric chair.

Terrorism  Fri 13, Oct 2017 at 19:04

Man brings bomb to North Carolina Airport

Michael Christopher Estes had been criminally charged after it is alleged he brought an explosive device to Ashville NC regional airport. The device was set to detonate 6:00 PM Friday. Estes was seen on video surveillance cameras 12:30 AM Friday, first carrying a bag, then going out of sight of the video camera, and reappearing without the bag. A bomb sniffing K-9 alerted on the device, and an on-site test by a TSA agent confirmed that the device contained the explosive compound Ammonium nitrate.  Estes waived his right to remain silent and indicated that he purchased the components of the device at a Walmart and Lowes, planted the device at the airport, and his intentions were to “fight a war on US soil”.

General  Thu 12, Oct 2017 at 23:45

Understanding Internet Trolls

Trolls are individuals who post comments on line which are designed to insult and provoke others. They post their verbal assaults mostly in the comments sections of YouTube, or news sites, as well as social media and email. The hateful remarks they spew is hard to believe. They seem to have no limits of indecency, or boundaries.

Street Crime  Thu 12, Oct 2017 at 16:24

Couple in their 90's: victims of a violent home invasion

A very heinous crime took place in the Brooklyn, about 3:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. Waldiman Thompson, a 91 year old man, and his 99 year old wife Ethlin were in their home when four masked intruders burst in, tied them up, and burglarized their home. The woman escaped and went to a neighbor for help. Her husband was found dead at the scene when NYPD responded.

Family Crime  Wed 11, Oct 2017 at 11:18

Indiana couple charged with locking their daughter in a cage

A husband and wife, 36 year old Aimee Friz, and 57 year old Alan Friz of Huntingburg Indiana have been arrested on 46 felony charges, including multiple charges of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, Neglect, and Criminal confinement. It is alleged that they kept their daughter, age unreported, in a closet that had been converted into a locking cage. It is further alleged that the daughter had been left in the cage without food and water, and sexually molested by Alan Friz, who is a Huntingburg dentist. Both were released on bail. The daughter and other children in the home have been removed.

Street Crime  Tue 10, Oct 2017 at 13:08

Mentally Ill Offenders and a Revolving Door System

In Burlington VT, Saturday October 7, 2017, a 41 year old homeless man, Jason Breault, was threatening people with a knife at a downtown intersection. The BPD responded, and an officer was injured while apprehending Breault. Breault was charged with felony aggravated assault and three misdemeanors. This was the 29th crime Breault has been charged with in the past 10 months.  In August, 40 year old Michael Reynolds was arrested for assaulting a café owner. Since 2011, Reynolds has had 900 contacts with local PD, 117 arrests, and 31 convictions. Yet he is still out.

Rape  Mon 9, Oct 2017 at 15:24

Convicted rapist gets parental rights to his victim’s child

In Brown City, Michigan, 27 year old Christopher Mirasolo, a convicted rapist, has been awarded joint custody of an eight year old child who was conceived when he raped Rebecca Keisling. When Mirasolo was 18, he raped Keisling, who at the time was age 12. He was convicted of kidnapping Keisling and her at the time 13 year old sister.  Mirasolo pled out to third degree sexual assault for this crime, and was released early from a one year sentence to “care for his sick mother”. In 2010, Mirasolo reoffended and was convicted of sexual assault on a minor age 13 to 15, and served a four year sentence. Judge Gregory Ross awarded Mirasolo joint custody. His name is to appear on the child’s birth certificate, and he was provided with his victims’ home address.

Narcotics  Sat 7, Oct 2017 at 23:35

Mothers in South Florida OD on Heroin with babies in back seat

Kristen Leigh O’Connor, age 27, June Ann Schweinhart, age 28, overdosed on heroin while in an SUV in a parking garage in Boynton Beach, Florida. The two women’s babies, ages one and two months old, were in the back seat of the vehicle at the time. A passerby called 911 from Schweinhart's phone, when O’Conner overdosed. Both women survived, and were charged with child neglect. The babies were placed in the custody of family members.