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Due to potential shocking details of some arrests, viewer discretion is adviced.

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What is is a completely free service to search for arrest mugshots

FIND MUGSHOTS PROVIDES REAL TIME SEARCH TO ARRESTS AND MUGSHOTS. presents information that is sources from records made freely and publicly available by state and local law enforcement agencies or departments. collects thousands of arrest records and mugshots a day. Our current database is over 1 billion records.

Our goal is to provide you with the most recent and even historic mugshots and arrest information for completely free of charge. You may want to use our partners for additional information about a person or the specific arrest record.

Where are mugshots taken?
When an individual is arrested by police and then booked at county Sheriff's office or county jail their mugshot is taken. Booking mugshots are public records.
How to find past mugshots for free?
Find Mugshots collects and archives online criminal and arrest records, mugshots, charges, jail information and other details on a person or inmate. We maintain a historical database that can be accessed any time.
Are mugshots public records?
Yes, mugshots are public records attached to a criminal report, arrest records and/or booking information.
How long does it take for mugshots to appear online?
Timeline varies based on the source. Sometime they may never get released unless a request is made. In other cases it may be published within minutes of taking the mugshot.
How do I find recent arrests?
If you know where the arrest occurred then you can contact the local law enforcement, policy or county Sheriff's office. If you are unsure of the arrest location, you can use our search to find arrest and inmate reports.
Are sex offender records available on Find Mugshots?
Sex offender information may be available for public safety, if the individual was arrested and had criminal records or criminal charges, then the record may appear on
Is everyone on this website guilty?
Short answer is NO. Individual records of our website does not constitute guilt, these are arrest and booking records. Guilt or conviction is decided by the Court of Law.